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The Original Hair Cinch™

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This is where you can order directly online using our Paypal shopping cart. It's the fastest, easiest, safest way to place your order with us. Everything is automated and totally secure. You always know where your order stands and when payment has been received. Paypal notifies you by email shortly after receiving your order. That means we receive notice of your payment quickly and can begin filling your order in good time, usually within 5-10 business days.

Please note that the price of each Hair Cinch is based on the LENGTH of the Hair Cinch you choose. In other words, 4-Bead length, 6-Bead length, 8-Bead length, and so on. Please refer to the Buyers Guide for more information on how to choose the Hair Cinch length that best fits your hair.

AS A SPECIAL BONUS, we'll send you a $2.00 REBATE when you purchase any Hair Cinch™ and a matching pair of earrings.

And Remember Shipping is Free*!

4-Bead Hair Cinch (below chin to shoulder length) $17.95

Bead Style and Color
Leather Strap Color

6-Bead Hair Cinch (shoulder length to mid back) $19.95

Bead Style and Color
Leather Strap Color

8-Bead Hair Cinch (mid back to waist length) $22.95

Bead Style and Color
Leather Strap Color

10-Bead Hair Cinch (waist length and longer) $25.95

Bead Style and Color
Leather Strap Color

Matching Earrings (to go with your Hair Cinches™) $10.95 per pair.
Select your bead style and color below. Be sure to choose either Sterling Silver or 14kt Gold Fill earring wires.

Bead Style and Color
Earring Wires

Custom Length Hair Cinches can be ordered if you want a Hair Cinch longer than 10 beads. Just add $1.50 more for each additional bead. Example: 12-Bead Hair Cinch = 10-Bead price ($25.95) + $1.50 X 2 extra beads ($3.00) = $28.95 total.

Custom lengths are available by mail only at this time. Please see out How To Order page for Mail Order and payment details.

*Free shipping in the US only. International shippping rates apply.

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